Self Awareness

Let's practise Sati- Mindfulness

           Get a reality check of your thoughts and feelings by practicing values, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Therapy. (Warning: Please use under the guidance of a certified clinical therapist) Read more here- Mindfulness portal .

Cognitive Therapy: Imagination vs reality

See the difference: Cognitive bias, the gap between reality and imagination.

I find the app very useful for bettering my public speaking skills.

@JackT, San Francisco

Values: Being True to ourselves

Practice a value daily.

This is helping me become so much aware of myself. My values are important to me!

@Vinny, Frankfurt

Acceptance: I am perfect as I am

Work on self using Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Love it! I can now see how my fears are just fears- they dont define me. I'll recommend it to my friends. :)

@June, Portugal